Friday, August 29, 2008

Bangkok - Zanotti

Zanotti has been around for a long time for as long as I can remember - I think I first went back in 2002, and 6 years later, it's still doing a roaring business. And from the consistent excellent quality of the food, I can see why. Unfortunately, no photos in this segment, since the wait staff were instructed specifically to say no food pics, but couldn't tell us why. I was not in a difficult mood so that was that. I was more focused on enjoying the great food.


1. the deep fried crustacean platter, which aside from the only crustacean the prawn, had fish and squiddlys. So well battered and fried to a crisp but retaining the moisture and freshness of the seafood on the inside... puts a lot of tempura to shame!

2. the beef carpaccio on a generous bed of arugula and topped with an even more generous amount of freshly peeled (yes it is bigger than grated) Parmesan. Lovely burst of flavours when you have a combo bite.. and lightly flavoured with a good extra virgin olive oil.


1. the minced beef ravioli with white truffle oil.. so simple yet so tasty.

2. the evergreen lobster tagliatelle with thyme, and a hint of cherry tomatoes.. light, tasty with such a kick from the lobster laced sauce.

3. superb thin-crust pizza with tomatoes and Italian sausage. None of that over-salted s^%t but tasty porky goodness. Garnished with a sprinkle of chilli flakes for the extra kick. Yeah!


1. Classic Tiramisu - the real thing with real Mascarpone and an abundance of it.

2. a classic custard from Piemonte - Bunet Piemontese - sweet eggy heaven with a nutty border for bite.. such flavoured texture in the combination. Unusually good - I like!

You hungry yet? I can't wait till I get to Bangkok again..

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