Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hong Kong - Hana Sakazuki revisited

I had blogged about Hana Sakazuki back in April but wanted to introduce some new goodies.

First up, Japanese greenhouse tomatoes that even a non-tomato lover would love. So prettily bright red, juicy and served with a pinch of salt makes for a fresh and delicious appetiser.

The sushi is good as ever.. still the best outside of Japan!

What was surprising good was the grilled chicken - yes, it sounds so boring but was so competently done you would not think it was just chicken. Of course we were told it was Japanese free-range chicken.. yes, it makes a difference guys! Accompanied by Japanese mayo, it was like eating tasty KFC but more juicy, succulent, and all the wholesome goodness without the grease, fat and guilt. Yums!!

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