Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Singapore - Le Bistrot

A pleasant surprise at Stadium Walk.. a casual French eatery serving good classic cuisine. And the crowd on a Tuesday night is testament to its quality. We started with the classic French onion soup, which I think I've said before, is my test of a good French restaurant. Good rich beefy broth and topped generously with a giant crouton and gratinated Gruyere - almost a meal in itself. And you will find at Le Bistrot, that portions are not quite French so you need to be hungry to have the 3 course meal.

Not knowing, we ordered the "Poor Man's Caviar" a combination of chicken liver, eggplant, garlic and creme fraiche. The layers were served in an airtight glass kitchen container and toast. It was pretty good except that personally, I would have prefered a lot more chicken liver, and to be more accessible that at the bottom of the pile. We had to doggy bag this since we had to leave room for the others.
Of course, being a bistrot, if I was not going to have Steak Frites, I must at least have the Frites. The crispy fries did not disappoint, and were garnished with an herb salt. Very good!
Our main was the duck confit served with a honey wholegrain mustard sauce and a tasty mash. The duck leg was perfectly roasted with the fat gone from under the skin, making it crisp on the outside but moist on the itself. And none of the heavy greasy feeling.
To finish, we chose the creme brulee served 3 ways - vanilla bean, earl grey and dark chocolate. Each was good in its own right but being a classicist, my favourite was the vanilla bean. The crisp caramel over the top could have been thinner and crisper though. And they could have decided whether to serve hot or cold, rather than room temperature.
Friendly and good professional service also added to the experience - something hard to find in Singapore these days. All in all, a good experience worthy of a second time! I'm elated that the repertoire in the East Coast is growing!

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