Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore - Restaurant Ember

No pictures in this segment since I was at a business dinner but just when I thought good western food was dying in this country, I am pleasantly surprised by Restaurant Ember, the modern continental restaurant at Hotel 1929 in Keong Saik Road, one of Singapore's red light districts. The eclectic neighbourhood adds to the character and the all glass restaurant offers a glimpse of the outside world as you dine.

Of special mention, the mushroom soup - one of the best - full of the porcini flavour and just enough cream to balance but not overly heavy. Accompanied by the freshly baked rolls, mmmm........

While not a big fan of fish cooked in the western way, I did order the Chilean seabass in a bacon ragout. Surprisingly well done and not overcooked, the ragout lent itself with the smokiness of the bacon and onions and was a light yet tasty main course - very little guilt element!

Rounding off with the molten chocolate cake - yes, we've been there done that - but this was a very competent version and definitely worth the calories if you are a chocolate fan.

Pics are promised on my next visit where I hope to try more from their menu. Yes, it is definitely worth a next visit.

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