Thursday, August 28, 2008

Singapore - Hachi

Yes, this is the outfit of the friendly chef who used to operate out of the now defunct Orchard Emerald. Hachi is now at Mohd Ali Lane, just off Club Street. They have taken over the premises which used to house Ikukan.

I had lunch today at Hachi and had the set lunch of Unagi and Sashimi. Nice light combi which had lightly grilled eel, basked in the barbeque sweet sauce. The sashimi was white fish topped with salmon roe, nice change from the usual. While lunch was not spectacular, it wasn't bad for the price. In any case, in an area which has pretty limited choices for Japanese cuisine, it does add to lunch options. Also, the impeccable service with offering to call us a cab to take us back to our offices and sheltering us into the cab from the pouring rain, is not service we find in abundance of these days. Savour the moment..

Hachi is best known for its Omakase - chef's surprises - and I will certainly be back to taste. It's been too long and is probably time for another review. And hopefully, as with previous good experiences, it will live up to its name.

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