Saturday, August 23, 2008

Singapore - Marutama Ramen

The Central on Eu Tong Sen Street is just one of those malls you might give a miss and I have all this time... but the reviews of restaurants in there have made me think twice. I finally got round to going there today and it was a toss up between the famous Ramen or the Hanbaagu.. tough choice but given that it was a drippy day, the Ramen sounded more inviting and less heavy. Plus, since we were there closer to 2pm, NO QUEUE! Ramen it was!

The menus are all in Japanese but thankfully there were pictures. Also, our friendly waiter who hardly spoke English was helpful enough to recommend the favourites - the chicken soup ramen which comes with one piece of char siu. Toppings were available - he recommended and rightly so, the yummy seasoned egg, which was a good shoyu braised duck egg with a soft centre.. mmm... The ramen is thinner than the common one you would find at Ajisen or Miharu and similar to the Teochew/Chiu Chow skinny noodles but so much more springy with an al dente bite. Swimming the rich chicken broth, you really didn't need anything else.

The stewed pork belly was also a winner - soft meat easily separated from the fat so we had a good cut, without having to indulge the fat bits. But of course if you dare to take the whole thing, it does melt in your mouth.. no need to bite and chew.

Hearty goodness and in my opinion, the current (as at the date of this post) winner in the "best ramen" category for Singapore.

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  1. gripping account of foodie escapades as usual. makes me wanna get some good feed too. Especially the teochew porridge stall. Kinda miss grandma's porridge and condiments.