Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Singapore - Majestic

A meal at Majestic has not disappointed and after a lapse of just over a year, I went back for a visit with some colleagues. The set menus had changed and I didn't see my favourite lamb chops with fried carrot cake, which I had been thinking about. Yes, you heard it.. Majestic specialises in Chinese food, served Western style and portions. I don't want to risk calling it "fusion" since I think it's much better without what I think is a misconceived and preconceived label.

This visit, I went with a comparitively healthier Set Menu A and still enjoyed the experience. For starters, there is the thinly-sliced marinated in five spices ox tougue served on a bed of rocket and drizzled with balsamic. Interesting and tasty enough but no "Wow" as you might imagine from the pic.
A tasty shark cartillage soup followed. With a rich stock as a base, you could feel the collagen hang from your lips with each spoonful! Pretty good although I thought there was a tad too much of a pepper hint. Hmm...
Next up, a jumbo sized prawn deep fried to a crisp and drizzled with mango salsa was yummy.. and there were enough juices left in its head to cause a swirl.

The steamed Chilean seabass topped with Chinese "mui choy" (sweet preserved vegetables) was clean on the palate yet tasty. The fish however, was a tad overcooked but the bouncy texture of the seabass saved it from being too chewy.

My favourite of the evening was the abalone with noodles served in a really superior stock and topped with chopped kale. The noodles were very al dente and the stock was so good I wanted to pour every drop into my mouth. The use of tiny abalones did not detract from the taste and made for convenient consumption, no need to saw up with a fork and knife.

Dessert was Majestic's signature ice cream with sago and avocado puree, drizzled with Gula Melaka (Asian molasses). This is reminiscent of the famed Indonesian dessert Es Avocado andmade for a sweet ending. However, more avocado and gula melaka would have done it for me more. Or even, just the avocado and gula alone would have been best.

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