Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hong Kong - Shiro

Shiro is upscale conveyor belt sushi and other Japanese delicacies.. in fact, the only thing it has in common with other conveyor belt sushi joints is the conveyor belt - 2 to be exact. The rest of it is just oozing hip, trendy, fashionable with a welcoming bar. And what better location than next to Lane Crawford inside trendy Pacific Place Mall.

The menu is pretty extensive and is more than just sushi.. even drinks were 3 pages long. We had a hard time trying to keep to the time and of course stomach capacity - didn't want to be belching uncomfortably in the cinema afterwards nor falling asleep at the Red Cliff - of course, that would be hard to do with Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung..

We ordered a sampling off the conveyor belt - tuna, whitefish and octopus combi topped with cod roe - one with and one without the rice; sea urchin with raw squid; and the evergreen soft shell crab roll. All very good and fresh and none of that "I've been sitting on the conveyor belt all this time" taste.
Then, the specials off the menu streamed in..

Salmon roll topped with chopped fatty tuna and a gold leaf for good luck; then the torched mirugai claim with sweet miso sushi.

The Taraba crab claw salad topped with an "onsen" egg, when broken mixed with the sweet miso for a delicious dressing;

The spinach with sesame sauce came as twin towers densely decked with toasted sesame seeds standing tall in a bowl of sesame gravy was surprising as tasty as it looked.

Our mains of Wagyu beef cheek over a huge radish ball - a mistake which turned out ok since we were headed for the Wagyu beef cheek in a creamy omelette sauce. But the Taraba crab claw tempura saved the day! 6 lightly battered and crisp claws served with cucumbers and green tea salt.. mmm, mmm...
No room for dessert was my verdict - popcorn is another category!

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