Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore - Cova

Yes, this great Italian patisserie and restaurant has made it to Singapore at last! Tucked in the back of the Paragon Shopping Mall where Olio Dome used to be, it boasts an indoor and "outdoor" (within the mall) area. No smoking allowed anyway..
We started off with the Parma ham and Arugula pizza - good quality Parma (seasoned just right and not chewy), and the aromatic Arugula (none of the fake breed whcih can be too punchy).
For mains, I shared the breaded veal escalope with arugula and Italian cherry tomatoes. Competent but not the best, it was a good-sized portion though. I thought it was a bit gamey and while I don't mind it all, may not suited for people who are more sensitive to gamey meats.
What I thought was better was the Papardelle with Duck ragout. A very tasty duck stew poured over al dente pasta made for a hearty meal.
We ended off with the cake made famous by Cova, the sponge and fresh cream with fruit combination. This was a little disappointing since the sponge was not as fluffy as the one I've had in Hong Kong and Milan and there was no choice of fruit (the strawberry one is THE BEST). But mango was ok too and would have been made better if the cake had been chilled better. Room temperature cream just didn't go down too well.

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