Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore - Nogawa Sentosa

I try not to disappoint when asked about food and so when an American colleague said "'let's go Japanese", and coupled with a first visit to Singapore, what better place than to take a leisurely drive to Sentosa, where she can see the transformation the island is going through and eat at one of the better Japanese restaurants in "town".

It was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday afternoon and so we got in without reservations. Of course at Nogawa, I have to have the Sushi Moriawase since it does have probably the best vinegared rice around. My colleague goes with the safe Salmon, omelet and cod roe bento rice box. To share, we got a large oyster which was juicy and crunchy at the same time and succulent accompanied with a tangy ponzu sauce. The seafood and pumpkin gratin was also good and my colleague who loves anything in the squash family, licked every morsel of the pumpkin clean.
Great booster for an afternoon of serious shopping!!!

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