Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bangkok - Baan Kanitha

Back in Bangkok after such a long time, I had to get my fix of decent Thai food and so reservations were made in advance at Baan Kanitha, still one of my favourite Thai haunts. And after all this time, it is still good. And they even have frosty drinks to cool you down with - I had my Thai orange juice, ice-blended. Perfect for a humid evening.
The usual starter platter signature of Baan Kanitha was brought out. While not spectacular in taste, it definitely keeps the diners busy with loading the leaves with the variety of condiments and popping them into your mouth without spilling or making a mess - good conversation piece with tourists.
But it is really the rest of the stuff that I am here for. The tom yum soup looks fiery but is really laden with all the prawny cholesteric goodness frrm the huge prawn swimming in the bowl, with its brain mashed into the superior stock. Sounds gross but tastes heavenly..
The yellow curry squid was eggy curry goodness and surprisingly not cloying given its richness. Perfect with steamed rice, especially if you are hungry. You can easily down 2 bowls before you can say "curry".
The other star of the evening was the deep fried cotton-fish, with julienned mango dressing. The fish was aptly named since the flesh was as soft and cottony. With the fresh mango juliennes in fish sauce drizzled over, a perfect bite with the ice cold frosty.
Although desserts sounded enticing, it wasn't enticing enough since that was already a lot of food for 2. A very enjoyable meal for anyone visiting Bangkok, and looking for a nice and comfy place to enjoy a bit of local fare.

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  1. Baan Khanitha's appetizer is Mieng Khum, a traditional Thai street snack now often featuring as an appetizer in high end Thai restaurants. You simply wrap an array of flavorful ingredients in wild betel leaf, to form a neat little parcel that explodes with flavors in your mouth. Ingredients include fried coconut strips, peanuts, diced lime, diced red onions, candied ginger, chillies and dried shrimp, all drizzled with a special plum sugar, tamarind and shrimp paste sauce. Yumms!