Thursday, September 4, 2008

Singapore - Mellben Seafood

On a rainy night, there is little better than a piping hot claypot of crab beehoon (Chinese for spaghetti made from rice flour) and so with that in mind, it was off to Mellben Seafood we went - meandering through the Toa Payoh estate to get to a coffee-shop style restaurant at Block 211, Lorong 8 in Toa Payoh, with tables pouring onto the sidewalk since the restaurant itself was too small to accommodate all the customers waiting to tuck into the signature dish.

The crab beehoon did not disappoint, with a rich and milky broth with an obvious hint of crab roe, with the orange film over the top. Chock full of goodness which had been brewing for a while.. The crab was a tad overcooked for my liking but perhaps that was the price to pay for a good stock. But I slurped up all the beehoon (major carbo load - good thing I worked out before dinner!)
The Guiness-marinated, then grilled pork ribs were also very good since they used a tender cut close to the cartillage and so tender meat, accompanied by a nice crunch from the cartillage, with all the goodness of a sweet Guiness made for a sinful mouthful of yumminess!

And with the holler of 2 competing durian stalls next door (my theory is they are probably one and the same owner) dessert was readily available. Your pick of Malaysian D24s or some "smelly shrimp" grade was laid out in full glory. Surprisingly, very good (since I have a preference for the sugary and creamy Thai ones)!

So a very satisfying meal to warm the soul on a pouring night, complete with a sweet ending - PERFECT!

NOTE: Reservations are highly recommended.

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