Monday, August 4, 2008

Singapore - Thai Village Sharksfin

Every once in a while, I am politically incorrect and find pleasure in indulging in sharksfin... and so, when the need to watch The Dark Knight lands us at one of the few cinemas in town with tickets, we find justification in eating in the best restaurant in the complex - Thai Village Sharksfin Restaurant at the Leisure Park in Kallang. One of the institutions still going strong in our nation. While it isn't going to be the best in quality, it probably is pretty darn good in value.

Chinese spinach with 3 eggs in superior broth
made special by the garnish of crispy silver fish

The chicken special which upon tasting is just a pretty competent oyster sauce chicken served sizzling in an old wok.

The accompanying dishes to the meal were not the focus although they are pretty competent. But between the satisfying signature green chilli sauce and the seafood fried rice, this politically incorrect evening turned out gastronmically correct.

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