Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hong Kong - Nobu

In short, a better than expected experience. Never one to enjoy "fusion", the interpretations were certainly delicious and not too funky. Very fresh ingredients, friendly competent service all made for a positive visit, deserving of a repeat.

The freshest hamachi with jalapeno fanned out on a platter of soy ponzu, crunchy rock shrimp tempura on a bed of salad were very light but satisfying. The rolls were also good, with their signature seafood roll outdoing the uni and foie gras combination. If the latter had the 2 flavours a little more distinct rather than meshed together, the wow factor would have been much higher. Unfortunately, the choice of blending them before rolling them made it lukewarm since the hot foie gras cooked the uni. We ended our mains with the grilled cod marinated in miso. Melt in your mouth goodness bursting with omega-3 I'm sure... health food can't taste so good, can it?

The only dish which could have easily been a miss rather than a hit was the dessert of peanut crumble with beer ice cream in a jasmine peach tea soup. Yup, a big mouthful of a description but surprisingly a pleasant blend of diverse flavours. The beer ice cream ensured that the dish was not cloying, and the peanut crumble of course added fragrance and crunch. The tea soup which did come in a tea pot reminscent of a dobinmushi was interestingly a sweet tea infused with peach.

Great meal with a stunning view of Hong Kong's well lit skyline. Wouldn't be anywhere else..

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