Saturday, July 12, 2008

Singapore - Satowa

Back in April, I wrote about a new jewel in the making - Satowa at China Square Central.

Having gone back a few times since for lunch, I have to say that it is a very credible Japanese offering for the neighbourhood, which boasts more mediocre fare than anything else. It can be elevated to gem status in the CBD lunch offering category.

Of worthy mention is their excellent value set lunches which feature their specials. In my opinion, the Yorkshire pork cutlets win hands down. Very tender and succulent and made to bite size, even ladies are fooled despite it being deep fried. They are so light and accompanied by the traditional Worcestershire sauce, makes for a good lunch option. If you don't like things deep fried at all, do try the seafood curry, which has to be home made and not those you find in a Japanese convenenience pack. Good hearty goodness.

All set lunches start with a 3-style appetiser. The chilled chawanmushi is a regular feature and is got be one of the smoothest ever. In our land of hot and humid, the chill is welcome and wakes up the appetite. All sets also end with dessert and the current feature of watermelon sorbet, although not always good, is decent enough to end the meal on a not-too-heavy-and-sweet note. Happy lunching!

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