Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hong Kong - Tofa

Tofa in Kau U Fong, a new-style Chinese restaurant, was transformed from the previous MeiLanFang by its owners. Closed to the public to celebrate Anthony's 3oth birthday, we made it there halfway through dinner. The food was all Chinese but served the Western way - from a tofu dumpling stuffed with the world's species of mushrooms, to orange spare ribs laced with cointreau and crispy "sang" noodles with seafood. The traditional peach shaped longetivity bun obviously drew applause given the guests...

The entertainment came after dinner where a cross dresser entertained with a few Canto and jazz numbers, and a very sporting birthday boy also did a duet. The purple-themed evening off course meant purple wigs, feathers and other such paraphanalia.

A touching speech by the birthday boy thanking his parents, partner and close friends drew tears from some and paved the way for cake cutting and more dancing with the cross dresser who was also a popular target for photos.. The cake, although made a little warm from the heat of the 30 candles, was very good despite melting creme fraiche..

I need to remember to ask Nelson where he got the cake next time. Thanks for a great time, Nelson and Anthony! May you have many more hapy birthdays together!

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