Monday, July 21, 2008

Hong Kong - snacking in Causeway Bay

A lazy Sunday afternoon meant chilling at home given that summer at its worst was here.. so it wasn't till 5pm that we were brave enough to see the world and have a very late lunch at Mi-Ne Sushi at Pak Sha Road in Causeway Bay. Given the time, we did not have to queue. This conveyor belt sushi joint is easily one of the best because of the well vinegared rice. While the fish is not premium given its price, it's pretty decent and great value. Often the creations are also unique to them. For example, the trio of herring, bonito and angel shrimp;

and the aburi combo of eel, salmon belly and scallop;

The regular winner is the tempura cuttlefish with a green tea salt laced lemon on the top.

After a good 4 hours of a good consumer walkabout with many bags to show for it, it was off to a light dinner of Yunnan "mai seen" back on Pak Sha Road, a non-descript hole in the wall next to Mi-Ne. Here you can choose various toppings from the regular meats, to the more funky innards and various bouncy balls made cuttlefish, pork, etc. You can also choose to have a clear soup, mildly, medium or fiery spicy. Comfort fast food from China. Better if you can get past the non-existent and absent minded service though. It is after all, not the Golden Arches.

All good, when washed down with traditional desserts along Percival Street at another hole in the wall shop, serving in my opinion, one of the best Green Bean Sweet Soups around. I will remember to get the name and address for you next time.

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