Saturday, July 12, 2008

Singapore - Shashlik

T'was a night of nostalgia on Wednesday passed.. My US colleague visiting Singapore this week had been googling for food places in Singapore and enquired about paying Shashlik - the institution of Russian food in Singapore a visit. My my, Shashlik brings back childhood memories of special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.
I was surprised to see the restaurant 80% full on a week night! Guess that in these new times, there is still a place for the old maid! I felt heartened!!
We ordered among other things, the beef shashlik of course. While it wasn't as good as it used to be, or palates have become sophisticated and Hainanese renditions of western food does not cut it anymore, it brought back many good memories of celebrations gone by.. sigh..
My highlight of the evening were the blinis (Russian crepes) in brandy butter sauce. The old thrill of having it made at your table added to the novelty - although the blaze was not as huge as I had hoped. The old waiters used to really "burn the house down". The very al dente blinis soaked in what seemed like a whole bottle of brandy laced with orange juice was an excellent way to end the meal. Forget the Baked Alaska, this is an adult's dessert.
While my colleague (who spent 4 years in St. Petersburg) assures me that the food was definitely not Russian, we were all tickled to step back in time and enjoy a night of reminiscing...

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