Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hong Kong Happy Valley - Sun Cheong Heng

One of the best things about living in Happy Valley is the never ending variety of food options.. among the variety is Sun Cheong Heng on Yik Yam Street, an institution as far as "cha chan tengs" go.. It is probably safe to assume that they have never refurbished the place since it started in the (oh I'm guessing..) 60s. But the staples are always great! Not healthy but fun food for those who are clued into the Hong Kong local food scene. Of worthy mention - the dinner roll stuffed with a corn beef scramble. A yummy snack for any time of day. The other very competent dishes of macaroni with ham and egg, open faced toast with an over easy sunny side egg are also worth trying. All washed down with a silk stocking milk tea... quintessentially Hong Kong.

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