Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hong Kong - Tasty Congee

One of the things with living in Hong Kong is the access to staple Cantonese light eats. The best is probably its congee - best known for its creamy texture and the multitude of "toppings" as it were even if this is all dunked in from piggy innards to century eggs and other less funky stuff like fish and beef slices topped with an egg (even if in these avian flu times, raw may not be best).
The congee albeit the main event, comes with a whole host of other "sides" even if these are heavier options. The natural being the dough fritters, wanton noodles and rice rolls (cheong fun). Don't make the mistake of calling it a "fun cheong" especially in Hong Kong, since the recipient may not be too pleased with being called a "dumba$$"!

One of the best secrets at Tasty Congee at King Kwong Street in Happy Valley is the rice roll omelette - so simple but yet so good! For those of us who grew up in Singapore, think fried carrot cake but substiute with rice rolls. Dunked in dual sauces of sweet and peanutty sesame, definitely good stuff!

If you are more adventurous, try the carp skin salad and the pig trotter noodles. All yummy goodness to transport you back to a traditional Hong Kong. And like its name, it is TASTY!

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