Sunday, July 6, 2008

Singapore - Kandagawa

With a queasy stomach and recovering from a recent bout of flu, I did not think it wise to go out and gorge on an omakase meal at Goto, although I have been wanting to try it at the recommnedation of a fellow foodie.. so back to something more hearty and less heavy. Back in time also to the stuck-in-the-70s Hotel Royal on Newton Road for Okinawan cuisine at Kandagawa.

We started with the thinly sliced sardine sashimi, which is always fatty enough to be smooth but not too heavy like fattier fish.

Then fiber with a crunchy spinach salad topped with garlic and bacon chips - a balance of good and evil.. mmm...

Rounding off with staples although these were the highlights of my meal - a simple bowl of white rice topped with marinated anchovies and peppercorn - a dish reminscent of my childhood where I had eating issues - hard to believe. So tasty and easy to down.

The richer mentaiko pasta, with twists of salted pork, celery, onions and green peppers oh so good. Hits the spot!

Not wanting the usual green tea ice cream, we drove to a nearby gas station and picked up a tub of B&J's Dublin Mudslide, making it home in time to catch the winning set by Venus for her 5th Wimby title over sister Serena. May history repeat itself on the men's final on Sunday too. Go FEDDY!!

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