Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hong Kong - Steik World Meats

The Hong Kong economy is certainly robust again and it is once again difficult to get reservations, especially for a Friday night.  Most good quality steak houses were full - so you either have dinner at tea or at supper, if you are desperate.  I don't usually eat steaks at unknown places since I'm determined that my red meat quota is never wasted.  So it wasn't without apprehension that I confirmed our reservation at Steik.  

When you get there, it is a pretty decent place to dine.  Very soft lights (which explains the photos), nice cushy booth seating, and larger than most restaurants tables.  There's also a nice bar area akin to Morton's.  The menu is actually a pretty fun one, and larger than most meat houses.  Even if you're not a meat fan, you can still get a good selection going.

The Crab and Lobster Bisque was a nice start to dinner.  Served with sides of lobster butter, fresh grated parmesan and croutons, it was a delicate balance of crustacean and cream.  Even with a generous portion, you will not feel too bloated after so that your main course is affected.

We shared the pan-seared foie gras with toasted brioche and peach chutney and were very happy.  Appropriately distributed when serving, we each got our own plate, which was still a generous portion.  The liver was so very well seared and sealed to a delicious crisp while the inside was still pink and creamy.  Not greasy in its delivery, it went well with the slightly tart peach chutney.

My main of the Japanese Saga Sirloin Grade A4 was served sashimi style, carved up to 6 pieces laced with Japanese Alfafa.  Very nicely marbled but still retaining enough meat for bite, it was very easy to chew and melts in your mouth pretty effortlessly.  Those who like more meat may not fancy this and want a huge slab with more potential for chewing but this is perfect for those who like their beef but don't like the devouring process too much.  And the good news is, Japanese beef marbled like so, does not have saturated fat, and is generally healthier for you!  At least that's what I read and believe!

C's main of the slow-braised Wagyu beef cheek with potato puree, bacon lardons and red wine glazed shallots was also tasty although in today's context, a little less ordinary.  The combination is a hearty one and if you like your stew, this is a very nice rendition.  

T's choice of the pan-fried snapper fillet with herb gnocchi, char-grilled asparagus and lobster butter sauce was in her words, very very good but the cream got to her in the end, and it is a little heavy for those who cannot take to cream well.  But it is a very generous portion and might be better shared.

The sides of shoe string fries and the wild rocket salad with shaved parmesan were nicely done while not spectacular.  

To finish, and we were pretty finished by this time, but insisted on having at least one dessert.  Our unanimous choice of the Warm Chocolate Fondant with strawberry cheesecake ice cream was a nice variation and although not the best, it was a happy finish to a happy meal.  

Certainly a nice alternative to the established steak houses around the region and well worth a visit.  Windfall that we did.  And if you have clients or visitors to entertain, it certainly isn't shabby at all.

Shop 314, K11
18 Hanoi Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2530 0011


  1. I am planning to give it a try soon!

  2. Great JBV! I'll be interested to hear if they are still keeping up standards! Keep me posted!