Monday, April 12, 2010

Hong Kong - Sushi Hiro

Never lunch in on a Monday..  makes the work week seems that much longer.  Don't need a whole lot of excuse to eat well..  who needs one?  With those basic rules in mind, my new project buddy E and I head off to Sushi Hiro to enjoy a no-surprises good-quality sashimi and sushi lunch.

Instead of hitting the menu for lunch sets, we decided to treat ourselves to an assortment of the day's catch or shipment, as it were.  As recommended by our friendly server, these included Botan Ebi (shrimp), Hamachi (yellowtail), and a very good cut of Toro (in the foreground).  All generous thick cuts and extremely fresh.

As any good restaurant does, there is no waste and the shrimp head and tail are deep fried and re-served as an unhealthy little munchie.  Too bad there was no sake to accompany it.  It was a little too well fried and greasy for me, but acceptably tasty since it was very fresh in the first place.

For our main, E and I shared the 9-piece sushi platter.  Ordinarily, this hits the spot immediately, but since we were spoiled by our fantastic sashimi starter, today's platter seemed more ordinary in quality than usual since the cuts are no where near the sashimi grade.  Still happy with the variety although the Uni (sea urchin) was conspicuously missing today.  With the miso soup and chawanmushi (which we were too full to get to), we were rather happy with ourselves.

Ending with a Japanese-style coffee, we were ready to brave a long afternoon of meetings once again.  Happy Monday!

7/F, The Toy House
100 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Tel: +852-2377 9877

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