Friday, April 2, 2010

Singapore - Wahiro

Wahiro has a new home and I just visited.  So new not mnny know it's new address.  So don't head to Katong Mall anymore.  The new place has a nicer entrance with Japanese style drapes barely covering the sake fridge but the interior looks and feels the same, just bigger.  So it's still kinda coming home...

The menu has a few new items but the layout is the same with the seasonal stuff on one page right at the front. 

The abalone in soy was tender and sweet (by itself and in the soy it was sitting in.  Great start and accompaniment to Sake.  Made up for the tomatoes which were probably prematurely harvested and too unripe and tart for my liking. 

The tempura was of some young root of a plant not dissimilar to a tree branch was of course tastier (not that I've tried eating off a tree).  Served with a little green tea infused salt, it was nicely done, lightly battered and not greasy. 

Sashimi was Sayori or Half Beak.  Smooth in texture and very slightly cottony but with a little bite, and a delicately sweet aftertaste.  Don't overdo the soy and wasabi though.  Easier to eat than Sardine since there are less bones to deal with.

The Hamachi sushi at Wahiro is almost always a firm order.  In my many years of patronising the place, I've not had a bad experience with this piece of fish.  They don't get the best cuts but they get a decent one and I think it's easier to cut up than others. 

The friendly sushi chef (not always Wahiro san who tends to man the Goldhill outlet) does unfortunately botch some of the others (on this trip the Spanish Mackeral sushi was a botched job - I almost gagged because the skin would not break no matter how much chewing I did while trying to look respectable and the rice ball did not help in letting any air in).  Perhaps I was blue for about 5 seconds although no one noticed. 

We did like the scallop and salmon miso gratin served on a shell.  The miso was of the sweet variety and combined the 2 contrasting textures of the crunchy scallop and cottony salmon well. 

To finish, I had the new dish of Inaniwa Udon in a light and warm broth served with a perfect yolk which you mix into the noodles with spring onion and minced ginger.  A nice warm finish although it is a bit much for one by the time you get to this part of the meal.  Best shared.

New venue, old familiar favourites.  Don't expect perfect execution but this is a nice homey place where everyone is friendly (though not always professional but the low turnover suggests good employment?) and you get good value authentic Japanese fare for decent prices. 

50 East Coast Road #01-01,
Roxy Square Shopping Centre
Singapore 428769
Tel: 6342 2252


  1. As you pointed out, the staff really work closely as a happy family. Their employer must be doing something right. I think if you are looking for classic, good sushi, then Wahiro is good value for money.

  2. I agree! And that's so underrated. Many businesses don't understand the cost of turnover. So kudos to Wahiro for getting it right, and letting us customers benefit!