Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hong Kong - Cheong Kee

Friday night...  after a wonderful dinner, my eyes are closing as I'm looking towards the weekend.  Saturday routine will begin with a late start, and of course a trip to Cheong Kee for lunch.  Try not to wrestle with me for their favourites, please.  

I never make it early enough for macaroni, stewed chicken wings and sometimes their glorious and purportedly first-to-market thick toast with spreads of your choice.  Their staples are butter and sugar crystals, a wondrous combination and guilty but good from the first bite.  The equally guilty and in my book, a better one is the peanut butter and condensed milk version.  

So I think I will stick to my usual tomorrow..  a bittergourd omelette paired with chicken chop or (battered fish fillet - see below).  

Or should I have the corned beef omelette and pan fried fish cake..  or if I feel a sore throat coming, the snow vegetable and pork slivers with vermicelli...  oh dear, decisions decisions.

But you know what?  Whatever you order, it's going to be darn tasty.  Biggest difference, their supplies are top notch and their chefs are so well trained that the foods are not greasy at all.  I mean, which cha chan tang uses imported eggs from the US, and that's just the start of it.

So don't fight with me and order something else please.  And let there be seats so I don't have to wait too long.

See you tomorrow!  Can't wait.

Shop 1 & 5, 2/F, Wong Nai Chung Complex, 
2 Yuk Sau Street, 
Happy Valley
Tel: +852-2573 5910


  1. Cheong Kee to me is definitely one of the best for island side. last time I order a satay nissin noodles with an egg top up, making altogether there's three eggs covering the bowl.

  2. Hi Chaxiubao
    I totally agree! I will definitely try the satay beef next time!! Sounds heavenly with the eggs! Yay! Tomorrow is Cheong Kee day.