Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good mornings..

Yoghurt...  a lot of goodness to wake up to.  Easier on the body in place of milk in my opinion especially now where variety is the order of the day.  At the better supermarkets, you can literally spend minutes poring through the various types of fruit and then again every brand has a different recipe - I like the moderately creamy, slightly tart with no overwhelming aftertaste to speak of.  Not quite the consistency of frozen yoghurt (a great dessert), breakfast yoghurts should be more akin to "eating milk" but without the heaviness like so.

Citysuper and Mamie Nova have ignored my pleas to bring back their honey yoghurt back.  It's been 8 long months.  Yoghurt mornings have not been the same.

But I have found a new friend - German to be exact.  Landliebe is his name.  We are getting to know each other but cherries seem to be his thing.  This might be the start of a wonderful relationship.  We had a mid-morning rendezvous..  I'm not waking up to you yet but it could be soon...

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