Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beijing - Park Hyatt

What's better than 2 nights in Beijing?

2 nights in Beijing at the spanking new Park Hyatt.  So new even cabbies don't know it.  It's not quite Park Hyatt Tokyo in service or Park Hyatt Chicago in coolness, but it is a Park anyhow, and whatever they lack in service, slight maintenance issues is made up for in a decent location, ergonomic design and crazy views from the top (or anywhere within the hotel).  

Here's mine from Room 3904, where you can see the traffic on Chang An Avenue on a clear day.  

Wake up to the smell of gourmet coffee with the Nespresso machine in your room - they even have 3 flavours for you to choose from, and you can go on caffeine extreme if you consume all 6 capsules they give you daily.  No need to even add water (they do it for you).  Just insert capsule and press the button - just don't forget to receive coffee with your cup!

F&B in the hotel is very commendable also.  The China Bar is a loungy place to enjoy some "cool factor" down time over drinks and soak in the bright night views of the city.  

With limited time, I ate twice at the Lounge, which is part of the lobby on the 63rd.  The description says it all - it is comfort food, both Asian and Western styles.  The spicy beef noodles was brilliant, and can match the one at the Cafe of the Grand Hyatt down the road, and the pot stickers are the healthiest and you can actually see the pork and prawn divide in the fillings.  And you can wash all of these down with their variety of health shakes and smoothies.  

Great place to stay and it could well be my regular provided the "corporate rate" is available!

2 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District
People's Republic of China
Tel: +86 10 8567 1234 

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