Sunday, April 4, 2010

Singapore - Teochew Traditional Seafood Steamboat

It doesn't get cold in Singapore so it fascinates me that people still like their hotpot or steamboat as it is more commonly referred to here.  The perpetual rain does not send temperatures plunging but the slight decline is apparently enough to kick in that steamboat craving.  And so, off we go to this new place in Joo Chiat that some have raved about. 

The offerings are akin to a Hong Kong hot pot - that's why it's called Traditional Teochew I suppose.  The nicely marbled beef was impressive although I would have charged more and loaded up the plate.  8 pieces is probably enough for only one person if you like your beef.  The different types of wantons, squid "cake", meat and fish balls are all made in-house, we were told, and their house special - kway teow made from fish.  Fresh and decent quality.

There is only one type of soup stock and people like it.  It is a stock made from shark bone and is chock a block with lots of vegetable and other goodies.  It is tasty but a tad salty for my liking.  The Hong Kong style stock is generally tasteless and is largely used as something for the food to swim in before it is used for feeding.  Here, the stock can be drunk from minute 1, when it gets to a boil at the table.  Subtle differences but whatever it is, the salt content needs to go down a notch.

Don't overload on the steamboat and leave room for the very crispy pork knuckle.  Nicely deep fried to a crisp with the nice chewy collagen and firm meat in contrast, my only complaint was that the marinade was pretty ordinary so the gamey smell may overpower for some.  Pickles took the place of sauerkraut but could have been better pickled though..

Overall, good comfort food in decent, clean surrounds.  Worth a visit if you like hotpot/steamboat.

176 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: +65-63488924

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