Friday, April 2, 2010

Singapore - Oomphatico's

I hardly get to this part of Singapore.  If I do, the default place to meet seems to be the Dempsey area, which really for all the hype, you have to admit, is overrated for the food.  But Tanglin mall is so hmm...  domestic and unhappening.  True but if you want a spot of quiet, this isn't bad. 

So when BL suggested Oomphatico's, I had to check it out first.  I don't come back to Singapore that often and every meal counts.  The menu looked promising...  very much like when you're in the US, and this is quite like a lot of the new bistros sprouting over with a bit of everything.  Staples are usually safe.  We sat down to order our fancy juice combis and waited....

As we waited and waited.. the Parma Ham with Prosciutto and Rocket thin crust pizza arrived.  Very nicely done.  Crisp and slightly chewy dough for bite, the tomato based tasted slightly spiked but in an interesting way..  But we were distracted by our lack of fluids to investigate..  Both hams were of decent quality and not overly salted and of course, well balanced by the slightly spicy and fresh rocket.  Still waiting.. 

Thankfully, our juices arrived before our Oomphatico's club sandwich did. We were quite parched already especially since we spiked our pizzas with chilli flakes and a touch of Tabasco. I downed my Oomphatuation of apple, pomegranate and grape and finished more than half of it at one go.

The club was presented skewered on a stick - interesting but not enough to take us away from our pizza.  It looked a little dry but when we finally sank into it, were pleasantly surprised.  The bread was fresh and crusty on the outside but a nice chewy testure of the inside and smeared with a thin layer of butter.  Eggs and bacon are always winners with me.  The only thing we didn't like was chicken breast chunks.  I like dark meat although the saving grace was that it wasn't too dry for breast.  Still took me a while to chew through.  By the way, you can hold the sandwich and eat through the layers so we deconstructed it ourselves and sawed our way through with fork and knife.

To finish, we decided to abstain from sugar and went for coffee instead.  My Ristretto was not wow but nicely done and had no bad aftertaste - with a little hot milk, I was a happy camper.  Ready for my night of the invading conference calls.  :(

PS.  bear with the service.  Friendly enough and apologetic enough but needs lots of work and because there is an outdoor and indoor area, there aren't enough pairs of eyes manning the entire area and it can work you into a frenzy if you need something in a hurry.

163 Tanglin Road
Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933
Tel: +65-67339088

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