Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of 2010

Last day of 2010, what a year it's been!  And since I'm sworn off sentimental reminiscing, here's a quick recap of my 2010's food escapades.

Most interesting travel meal - Khmer cuisine at the Meric.
First formal meeting with HK-based foodies - Club des Chef des Chefs Gala Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental HK
Best cheese tasting event with HK-based foodies - Mont d'Or Cheese at Classified
Best Modern Italian in HK - The Drawing Room
Best Modern Italian in Singapore - Gattopardo
Victor in HK's Froyo battle - Yo Mama
Best hotel - Park Hyatt Beijing
Best staple in Happy Valley - Cheong Kee
Best new found eatery in Happy Valley - Gusto
Best fun Japanese in Beijing - Hatsune
Best Omakase meal in Singapore - Ooi Japanese Dining
Best Hakka birthday - Kong Hing restaurant
Best restaurant we had to say goodbye to - Tuscany by H (thank goodness Gold has reopened in its place)
Best Shanghainese in Hong Kong - Liu Yuan Pavilion
Best Shanghainese in Shanghai - Dian Shi Zhai Restaurant
Biggest letdown that did not live up to hype - French Window
Best casual Italian in Singapore - Bruno's (to be reviewed!)
Best coffees in HK  - Fuel Espresso and Kitamura

In other food news, my weekly Chinese soups have been great, thanks to Aunty May and Aunty Ping of Happy Valley Tai Hing grocers fame.  Of course, I love my Hurom juicer, and have said goodbye to processed juices.  Getting to meet the famous Mr. Nobu Matsuhisa in LA of Nobu fame, thanks to new pal SB.  Finally meeting my cyber foodie mates from HK, twice no less, despite a hectic travel schedule.  And after much debate, it does not seem tuna supplies from Japan will be interrupted?  My Toro is safe for now... bring out the Sake!

Aside from the primary obsession with food, there was time to work of course, and work I did to fund the primary.  Who didn't?  But we are after all, smarter than the average pigeon, and therefore can juggle other accomplishments like..

On the health front - recovering from a a bad bout of illness caused by the Beijing summer pollution, recovering from comatose butt syndrome caused by too many plane rides in coach, and getting stitches for the first time over a kitchen mishap.  I still am a certified scaredy cat though.  I also learned the hard way that Vietnamese coffee and French Champagne do not mix despite the historical colonisation period, at least not in my body.

On the tennis front, great to see that Federer survived a "bad" year and caps it off with the ATP Tour Finals championship trophy with a victory over Nadal, no less...  Sweet.  His tweener shots have now been iconised and he remains my tennis hero for yet another year, making it 7 glorious years.  Justine Henin hasn't been so lucky with what was a promising comeback unfortunately waylaid by injury.  May 2011 be even better for them.  Personally, I have perfected my Federer backhand (only I need be the judge of that since this is MY Blog).  I just need to work on his serve now...

In family news, we welcomed Jodi, the new beagle into the family.  Steffi is still getting used to her, especially after the latest fight where Jodi drew blood.  I also enjoyed spending time with Zachary, my nephew who has grown up really fast in his first year.  I also welcomed by own baby, a new 325 convertible.  Love, love!

In other news, I rediscovered reading and knocked off the entire Millenium series over 2 months.  Movies were a limited pastime this year but I enjoyed the chick flick Sex and the City 2 (for those who thought it was lame, it is a chick flick for crying out loud, and more importantly, no tears required!).  In other movie news, I cannot believe that Hurt Locker edged Avatar for Best Picture.  Who needs another war film??  The passing of Rue McClanahan marked the end of a era for me, having grown up watching her as Blanche Devereaux in one of my all-time favourite sitcom "Golden Girls".

In world cup news, the amazing talent of Paul the Octopus superseded the Spanish victory in my opinion. it was more important watching him make the prediction than watching the matches themselves.  Paul's passing is a loss to us..

In personal entertainment, my favourite toy of the year is the Sing-a-ma-jig!  Did you get yours yet?  My advice, you cannot get less than 2.  Best to form a choir!  Lately, AngryBirds and snorting pigs have taken over my holiday season.  Arggh!

Overall, it wasn't too bad of a year.  I am thankful to have happiness and health.  Thank you for reading and here's wishing one and all a happy healthy and successful 2011!  

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