Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hong Kong - Liu Yuan Pavilion 留園雅敘

It's not your typical Shanghainese restaurant but this is quintessentially Shanghainese.  A comfortable layout, not too squishy, and if you're lucky, you can ask for a booth seat.  But it can still get noisy, but the food distracts you from that pretty quickly.

Crispy eel - done so well - of course it's crisp and the flavours of the sauce and the eel are quickly amalgamated in very hot oil, and served with chilled slivers of preserved young ginger.  Appetites whet..

Chilled heads of jelly fish in a scallion laced sesame oil - crunchy coolness with a fragrance that is unmistakable.  Perfect for summer.  Appetites really raring to go now..

Not easily available, this dish of "Wo-Ba" ie. deep fried rice cakes smeared generously with multiple layers of salted egg yolk paste is a delight in itself.  Forget the cholesterol factor when you're eating this.  Order a beer or a coke and just savour the delightful burst of flavours exploding in your mouth.  A definite order every time I come here.  Just make sure you have company but not too much..

For those who like all manner of burgers, try this one.  A beautiful cut of Yunnan ham (tender and not stringy at all), topped with a crispy dried beancurd skin, served in a Chinese steamed bread and drizzled generously with an Osmanthus honey..  Ooh ya..

Needless to say, Shanghainese wantons here are ridiculously good.  Al dente skins wrapped around a well seasoned minced pork filling, given crunch by finely chopped up vegetables, served in a clear but wholesome Chicken broth.  Comfort food at its best.

I like my Dan Dan noodles.  I try to eat it everywhere so I have a very clear picture of what I like and the one here is right up there with my favourites.  Suitably spicy but flavourful from the variety of dried shrimps, peanuts, chillies, and goodness-knows-what other secret ingredients they cook this one with.  Very very good.

For those who come during Hairy Crab season, order anything with the hairy crustacean and it'll be good.  I could not resist posting last autumn's yummy dish of hairy crab and roe with Shanghainese mung bean sheets.  A dish to savour and remember until next season..

3/F The Broadway
54-62 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai
Tel: +852-2804 2000

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