Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mont d'Or Cheese - 'tis the season..

Dim Sum Mont d'Or.. created by Jason 
One of the great things I did this week was to join a group of like-minded individuals to enjoy an evening of cheese and wine.  This season's cheese and Vacherin to be exact.  Available only from the fall, this seasonal soft cheese may be made with pasteurized or unpasteurized milk either from French or Swiss cows, depending on which side of the border they're grazing.

The cheese is more liquid than it is solid when ripe, and is definitely a "soft" cheese.  We started off with a cold or more accurately, un-warmed version first (should have been left breathing at room temperature for several hours prior to serving).  I turned up late so it must have already been breathing for at least an hour by the time I got there.

Soft and creamy, and rich but not overly pungent, it was perfect with the warm and chewy baguette slices that it was served with.  Classified's baguette was especially crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  Just the way I like it.

Served warm from baking, the cheese is even more enticing, with the aroma filling the room easily, sending swooning faces towards its direction as it's being brought out.  We wait in eager anticipation as it is set down with its usual condiment friends of green apples, bread cubes, and potato cubes.  The use of sweet potato cubes was also a clever addition here.

The folks dig in with their fondue forks, pitching it into one of the condiments, dunk and enjoy.  Washed down with a sweeter Gewurztraminer, the room is once again filled with appreciation.

Wonderful experience and of course, meeting new folks who know how to take time out to enjoy a mid-week party made it even better.

Thanks to Geoff for organising the party.  So nice to see @ and @ again.  And so good to have finally @.  Also, a hello again to @ @ @ @ @ @, folks that I met at the party (did I miss anyone??).  Hope to see you all again soon. 

Classified Mozarella Bar
G/F, 31 Wing Fung Street
Wan Chai
Tel: +852-25283454


  1. Too bad I missed this. Seemed very tasty. Hope to join the next gathering.

  2. We missed you too Birdie Golf! But fret not, I think Geoff is on to something again.. stay tuned.