Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hong Kong - Gusto

If you have some time, and I mean soooome time, a visit to Gusto can be a happy thing.  The food is very decent for a neighborhood kinda place but you have to be prepared to wait for it.  We couldn't tell from where we were seated but I think there is only one person doing prep and cooking for the whole joint.  Granted, it's not a big place but it's a lot to do if the whole house wants to eat.  Thankfully we were there on a slow week night.

I ordered a drink of the day - a grape-juice based slushee which was a great appetite opener.  The grape juice was fresh and sweet, and naturally so.  With the crushed ice which splurged up the juice, the 2 were joined at the hip and at one with each other.  

Even the bread took a long time coming but it was very good bread, with enough sourdough to make it chewier than it looked.  And a quality cube of butter was all we needed to ease our rumbling tum tummy.

Our appetizer of the Macaroni 'N 3 Cheese Gratin finally came after about 20 minutes.  The baked macaroni with smoked mozzarella, fontina and cheddar cheese, infused with white truffle oil was simple but well executed.  Macaroni was al dente and the 3 cheeses combined well so that they blended rather than have each fighting for attention.  And of course, the white truffle oil brought highlights to each mouthful rather than overwhelm the little cup size dish.  

Next up, our Cobb Salad with with chicken, romaine, bacon, hard boiled eggs, avocado and tomatoes served with ranch dressing was despite the abundance of protein, light and extremely tasty.  Well dressed with enough dressing to taste but not drenched, this can be a very well balanced meal on its own too.

The finale of the Gusto burger - hand ground angus sirloin with bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions, topped with fontina and cheddar cheese on a toasted sesame bun was my least favorite.  While tasty, it wasn't my idea of a burger since the patty was just a tad soft ie. overly ground.  I usually like a little more bite in the patty so I thought it was a bit of waste of a good piece of ground meat.  But I have to say that the condiments lifted the burger and still managed to make it yummy.  Good but not great.

Since service was slow, I didn't want to risk being late for a conference call and so left without having dessert.  Maybe next time.  When I actually do have a lot more time to get into the whole lazy atmosphere.  It would then be nice to savor and try the other dishes on a very small but promising menu of home-style hearty favorites.

41 Yik Yam Street
Happy Valley
Tel: +852-28382689

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