Sunday, March 21, 2010

Strawberry Season

It's strawberry season!  Ok, I'm not a huge fan of this lush and pretty fruit, but often that's because you can't really eat it all year round despite what the farmers and grocers tell you.  If it ain't season, it ain't tasty and who wants to bite into something pretty and end on a sour note - anti-climactic.

But it is season now and these slightly mutant-sized ones are imported from Japan from my trusted Happy Valley grocer that all the rich and famous head to for their supply of fruit and vegetables.  They were tastier than they looked - nature is fair!  Juicy, sweet and not too mushy since it still has a little bit of crunch but not so as to make it taste unripe.

Of course, there are a guhzillion other ways to treat your strawberries right if you don't like them neat.

This strawberry cake from Patisserie Yamakawa was light fluffy and fruity.  You forget about all the calories from the sugar and cream (it was fresh!) and focus on how something so yummy can actually be healthy (women get slightly delusional from desserts - it is how we are made).

Even the traditional have embraced the fruit and this mochi ball from City Super had the slightly tart and crunchy fruit, balanced by the smooth honeyed red bean paste, encased by a pink chewy glutinous home to deliver a burst of different textures and flavours.

Happy strawberry season y'all!  Enjoy!

PS.  Both Patisserie Yamakawa and the Mochi balls can be found at the City Super Times Square outlet down in Causeway Bay.


  1. Where's this trusted grocer in Happy Valley?

  2. Hi Jacqueline,
    I don't have the name ready with me (I never look!) but if you go to Tsap Cheong Street, it is the shop sandwiched between a boutique and a Japanese butcher. Can't miss it. Just ask for Peng-So!