Sunday, March 7, 2010

Los Angeles - Salt Creek Grille

One Monday a month, the office has happy hour at Salt Creek Grille.  It was my first but as you enter, the inviting fire place at the end of the hallway is an immediate lure and the generous couches there are a perfect match to the warmth from the fire.  Sit back, order a drink or 2, and you're set.  

Don't forget the baked goat cheese marinara.  The ball of goat cheese in a generous bowl of marinara sauce balances perfectly against each other.  Smooth, creamy slightly pungent cheese, against a robust, salty and tart sauce, and served accompanied by wood fire oven toasted foccacia crostinis, it is a perfect appetiser for happy hour and gets those communal juices running with everyone dunking into the bowl.  

The other appetiser of the Ahi Tuna Stack wasn't too bad either, with generous tuna sashimi slices stacked up interspersed with avocado, served with sesame ginger soy and wasabi but wasn't spectacular compared with the goat cheese starter.

When we adjourned for dinner in the dining room, I had the Cheese Burger, which was highly recommended by our server for the night.  Thick juicy burger, slapped with mustard and mayo, with melted cheddar over the top, it was certainly a good choice.  I think I was the happiest at my table with others complaining the braised short ribs being too fatty.  The petite filet mignon did win praise though.  

Not a spectacular place to eat but decent if you're in El Segundo.

760 S Sepulveda Blvd
El SegundoCA 90245
Tel: +1 (310) 335-9288

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