Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shenzhen - Futian Shangri La

The Futian area of Shenzhen has really developed quite nicely - or anything in comparison with LoWu has got to be heaven.  Very metropolitan and the collection of decent hotels in the area are testament to the quality of the area.  I was in week long meetings held at the Futian Shangri La - newly launched so even their Italian restaurant Angelini wasn't open - only complaint is that I had to walk all the way to the other wing to find that out!

The view from 2618 wasn't bad..  I was fortunate to be there with clear blue skies and white cloud, not often captured in South China.

People like staying in good hotels for the buffet breakfasts in the morning.  The spread here won't disappoint.  Good variety and decent quality.  Juices are made fresh to the order, and yogurt jars are tempting - I had one every morning I was there.  There was even a station offering up fresh oysters scramble, which is a dish I quite love, and although not typically a breakfast food where I hail from, was a delight to savour with the congee and pastries on offer.  So thoughtful are they that you can even grab pastries at the exit and a coffee to go before you hit the work day.

What is most carefully thought out are the little sticks at your table with your table number on it, so you can take it to the different stations and leave it with the chef with your order, which miraculously shows up at your table minutes later, unlike many hotels which have disappearing orders at peak breakfast hours.

At the end of the day, I worked out at their very decently equipped gym and had room service, which was surprisingly good as well.  The Caesar salad has crisp Romaine, and pancetta bits, although the cheese wasn't the best.  The Foccacia stick was also a tad stale.

But the giant ear pasta shells with a Bolognese sauce was great comfort food and tasty.  Shells were also nicely al dente.

Overall, a decent hotel with decent F&B to boast of.  Good option if you're in Shenzhen for business.

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