Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hong Kong - Fandango Spanish Restaurant

Toy House in TST has always been known to house only Japanese cuisine, the most famous probably being Sushi Hiro although the others have decent reviews too.  So Fandango stands out like a sore thumb but as we realise, not so sore after all.  We went for lunch and being our first time, were recommended F and I try the set lunch and order the main that we both so wanted to share - the roast suckling pig.

The set lunch starts with tapas, which we were eagerly anticipating since there have been a few very good reviews about them.  But for the price of the set lunch, we should have known that they would not include the "good stuff".  But the potatoes topped with a spicy sour cream, garlic mushrooms and olives were acceptable to get the juices going.

The Mediteranean Salad was pretty decent although on the salty side.  But the combination of greens with the signature tuna chunks and hard boiled eggs drizzled with a balsamic and oil dressing was a refreshing change to the heavier tapas starter.

Our choice of the Paella with chicken as the main course to our set lunch was a very generous portion.  Although looking very charred when it arrived, the rice was nicely al dente with enough of a bite and made tasty from the chicken and vegetables in the same pan.  My only complaint was that the chicken was very tough and I left most of it, while eating just the rice and veges.

The piece de resistance was the Crispy Suckling Pig.  And oh my, what a hearty portion too.  With a well roasted skin which had most of the fat dripped away, and the surprisingly tender meat underneath, the combination was an impressive effortless bite, which had the fragrant slight gaminess from the pig and the herbs in the marinade.

And only because of this well executed dish, we will be back.  I'm just not sure I would do a set lunch next time.  If the pig is anything to go by, I am definitely back for the very exciting tapas menu, and a Sangria or 2 to match.

9/F ,The Toy House
100 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2957 8797

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