Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore - PS Cafe (Palais)

I am 3rd day lucky - it is my 3rd day back in Singapore and I finally got to eat something which could be at least close to the sort of quality which corresponds to the price.  It ain't cheap by any means but one should not come away feeling cheated at least.

The folks behind PS Cafe might finally have gotten the kitchen to live up to its always-enticing menu.  While previous experiences at its Dempsey outlet always leaves one feeling bewildered at best, the Palais outlet could finally break that barrier. It's newest outlet is set in the tai-tai enclave of Palais Renaissance and suitably set on Level 2 - just across from where they all do their hair.  Spacious amidst a black-&-white interior, they also manage a "garden" area which is a great place to wile away a lazy weekend brunch.

Portions are hearty so best to share if you want variety.  D and I suitably partnered for the task at hand.

The Eggs Benedict were very well done with the eggs poached to perfection, sitting atop a slightly mild and sweet ham (a tad too thin for my liking), set on an English muffin.  The Hollandaise was just nice, and the Balsamic was a very nice touch, cutting across the creamy richness.  And of course, a very generous garnish of rocket for fibre and a third dimension.

The stack of banana pancakes were competent albeit a tad dry.  Although the honey was good, there wasn't enough of it to go round, because of the dryness.  Choice for PS:  moister, fluffier pancakes or use maple syrup, which is less thick and easier to soak up.

Of course, no one can resist fries, not least fries laced with truffle oil, which incidentally is all you smell when you sit in the cafe, because it is a popular order.  And they did live up to the smells on our clothes.  Thin and crisp, and wonderfully decadent from truffle odour, very nice with my lemon and basil soda.

With this, cast aside all prejudices and give the place a go.  If they keep up standards, definitely the place to be seen, and be fed while at it.

390 Orchard Road

#02-09A Palais Renaissance
Tel: +65 6887 2207

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  1. I love their desserts! But feel that their mains for dinner are overpriced. Hmm brunch seems good though. I'm eyeing that eggs benedict! =)