Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hong Kong - Sushi Imamura

1st birthday splurge courtesy of M - visiting for 4 straight days of golf..  some people have a great life...  

Omakase at Sushi Imamura - a first time experience that didn't fare badly at all.  The Cantonese speaking Japanese chef was friendly and accommodating although we did feel bad for not observing and engaging him.  But M and I just had too much catching up to do.  And we were eating just a tad slowly.

He offered up many different fishies but the most memorable was a "Mok Hau" (Cantonese) fish, thinly sliced and served up with a ponzu sauce, which you smash the liver into for a unique and very smooth tart finish.  Quite something!

Seasonal delights like Ankimo liver was also very good, especially since we are well into the cold season.  

Crunchy and sweet oyster, laced with more ponzu.  So succulent even the oyster-unfriendly would like this.

The Botan ebi was also very fresh and sweet, and of course, the treat of eating the head deep fried or grilled afterwards is a real treat. 

The winner of the evening was the baked Shirako - cod sperm sacs.  The smokiness from baking it coupled with the light soya it was served in, is ok, I hate to say it in the same paragraph as "sperm", orgasmic!


The other winner was the salt grilled Shishamo.  I hadn't had it eaten this fish a while since I exceeded my quota a long time ago, but eating it again reminded me why.  Imamura's treatment was worthy - lightly done with the flesh light and flaky and the roe coming loose easily as you break the fish gently with your chopsticks.

While not the best I've had, I did come away feeling satisfied and happy.  Definitely worth a visit.  Perhaps next time, I promise to pay the chef more attention.

16/F, Continental Diamond Plaza
523-527 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-2836 0056

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