Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hong Kong - Pierre

I took a while to write this post as I wanted to figure out my new MacBook Pro and how best to present the culinary delights at Pierre, which I thoroughly enjoyed on my birthday.  Of course, the slideshow alone would have been an easy way out!  Alas, still no IT luck!

So, I bring you some of the more amazing dishes from the wondrous night.  Of course, don't get me wrong, it was about a 98% perfection, the 2% just a matter of personal tastes.  It is therefore no wonder that Pierre Gagnaire maintains his status in the culinary world.  It was a little pricey, but you do leave very satisfied and in ecstacy.  And portions are certainly generous enough to leave you rolling home afterwards..

The 2 Entrees we had were the highlights of the evening.

Les Langoustines: 
Mousseline: with green pepper; curry sauce, dried yellow grapes. 
Grilled: French “grenaille” potatoes and dried white mushrooms. 
Tartare: like a biscuit, celeriac cream; unctuous spicy grapefruit syrup.
Pan-fried: with shredded pine nuts; spot of caramelised soy sauce; slightly acid carrot julienne. 
White velouté and amber jelly, shell powder.

Langoustines were beautifully done - in either style, very succulent and juicy, yet still retaining its bounce.  These are probably the best I've had in treatment.  With the exception of the curry, which I did not like very much, the rest of the company was excellent and enhance the flavours of the langoustines even further.

La Charcuterie fine:
Crispy toast, soubressade velouté and apple marmalade. 
Foie gras soup with amontillado, citrus and chilli sorbet, boudin noir; small grilled sausage. 
Small cubes of cooked ham, creamed curry, celeriac julienne.
Bresse chicken Pojarsky with tarragon. 
European ham assortment (Parma, Bellota, Bigorre), colonatta fat and black bacon.

If you prefer a richer meatier flavours to begin with, don't miss this excellent entree.

Crispy pie with a velvety cream topped off with white truffle.  Sheer decadence in the 2 bites.  Unfortunately, not very big. 

The foie gras soup has got to be one of the best ideas around.  The rich piece of liver swimming in a foamed broth, and topped with a blood and other pork sausage was a decadent burst of a gorgeous variety of meat flavours.  You had to be there...  

The European ham assortment was a combination of good meats on a bed of sauerkraut.  Clever delicate balance.  

Le Turbot:
Slice of turbot roasted on the bone.
The fillets are cut then cooked in shellfish juice.
Provolone, pear, celeriac gratin with Colombo.
Pochas and hummus like a condiment.

The turbot while good by most standards, seemed to be an anticlimax after the 2 amazing entrees.  I probably won't order it again given the other selections.

Roasted saddle of lamb from Lozere, bunch of fresh herbs, crusty olives; aubergine, lamb sweetbread, girolles.
Béchamel tuila, green pepper, garlic paste with vadouvan.
Lamb chops, tamarind on a green square of herbs.
Cold courgette cream soup with tarragon.
Condiment: Roquefort cheese.

The lamb saddle was most out-of-this-world.  Even more so than the main event of the chops, which were delightfully tender and juicy.  But the saddle was just so tasty, I was actually putting on top of the lamb chops and eating both as a combination.  Probably wrong but it was good!

Strawberry jelly; marshmallow and crumble.
Crystal salt.
Milk chocolate crunchy parfait.

Of course, no French restaurant is worth its sugar without dessert.  And the vanilla souffle certainly did not disappoint.  If you've never had souffle, this would be a good place to have it.  But of course, after you've had it here, you can't have it at most places afterwards.  You decide!

Definitely worthy of its Michelin accolades.  Well worth the visit and all the calories money could buy here!  

25/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 
5 Connaught Road Central 
2825 4001

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