Monday, December 28, 2009

Singapore - Jones the Grocer

Dempsey Hill is a great locale to hang out but it hasn't been at the top of my dining experiences in Singapore.  But when you're in an easy mood, it's easy to give it a second shot.  Especially during the festive season, and you prefer to be far from the madding crowd, easy parking becomes an easy option.

Today, M and I went to Jones the Grocer, actually reluctantly given our previous visit when it first opened.  We sat down and pored through a limited lunch menu, and 2 pairs of eyes zoomed in more than quickly on the Wagyu burger.  M is very persuasive and so I threw my "no more meat before the year is up" notion out of the window.

OK, no regrets.  It's by no means the best I've had, but it was very enjoyable.  Especially when I've been poked and prodded for about 3 hours while having fasted from 9pm last night, the burger was just what I needed, washed down with my long black.

Although a Wagyu burger, it wasn't such that the marbling took over.  It was actually very lean for Wagyu, giving the burger enough of a meaty bite, which I like in my burgers.  Open face makes a lot of sense if you don't want too much carb, and laden generously with a beefy tomato and lots of rocket, with caramelised onions to lend a sweet finish with the aged balsamic, a full finish without feeling the after effects.

Very nice...

Dempsey Hill 
Block 9 
#01-12 Dempsey Road,  
Singapore, 247697 
Tel:  +65 6476 1512 

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