Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Singapore - La Braceria

Where food and wine is concerned, PH - http://soulpeng.blogspot.com/ - is definitely in the know.  So I don't know why he was stressing at our lunch today.  So Pietrasantra was closed on a Tuesday.  I have never been but M & I both thought La Braceria certainly was no backup plan.  It was simply good ole hearty Italian - no fuss, just great food.  And all this, with no opportunity to look at the menu!  So I haven't the faintest clue what else they serve!  PH just walks in, standing and chatting with Fabio, who happily contributed the menu for our great lunch.  Certainly, a place where everyone knows PH by name.

First up, the fish carpaccio.  This is not your regular cottony type white fish.  This was cod, and so on top of fresh, it was slightly crunchy, with a nice firm bite to it, and took in the flavours of the rocket, cherry tomats, and extra virgin very well.

Our other appetiser of the braised tripe in tomato sauce was a burst of flavours and textures.  Sweet yet tangy from the tomatoes and carrots, there was a hint of herb but not overpoweringly so.  The tripe was braised soft, yet with a slight chewiness so that as you grind away, the flavours become even more distinct.  Best outside of Roma that I've tried.

I was told the seafood linguine is not on the menu but I highly recommend you try to ask for it.  If that doesn't work, beg.  A very synergised dish, you would not think the linguine was not a fruit of the sea, because it simply took in all of the scampi, scallops and shrimps.  Just imagine the complexity when all that is tossed with garlic and tomatoes over heat.

And just so we can exceed our meat quota even more, the perfectly executed medium rare T-bone.  Reminds me of Florence's bistecca, but not served on a chopping board and perfectly sliced so we could just lift it piece by piece and eat like civilised persons.  If I wasn't leaving room for dessert, I would have liked to pick up the bone and enjoy the best bits.

Frankly, if you ask me, the molten chocolate cake is done to death and face it, it's just boring.  But we decided we had to order it because it was the only smell which caught my fancy when our neighbouring table was tucking into it, as we sat down to lunch.  Reason: the flambe over the alcohol which above the aroma, adds a perfect dimension in taste.  And it is also very rightly moist and ok, if you never eat molten chocolate cake again,  you need to eat it here and only here.  Easily the best I've had in Singapore.

I will be back next time.  Maybe I get to check out the menu or why bother, just ask friendly Fabio.

No. 5 Greendale Avenue
Tel: +65-64655918

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