Saturday, December 26, 2009

New seasonal faves

I look forward to Omakase meals at trusted restaurants because in a world like ours, pleasant surprises are few and far between.  And at Hana Sakazuki, the sashimi/sushi chefs are real teases - we put up with it because they treat us very well indeed.

On this cool Winter Solstice night, as the delivery truck of the day's spoils was pulling away from the valet station, we made our upstairs and were prepared to be surprised.

Tonight's winners:  the Gindara sushi.  Fatty and melt in your mouth, unadulterated by the usual smokiness from the grill.  Full-bodied, and surprisingly tasty beyond just the taste of melting fat, definitely a seasonal treausure.

In contrast, our Ankimo liver was grilled to a golden brown, edges just ever-so-lightly crisp and dusted with spring onions, and resting on a bed of Ponzu seaweed.  The guilt-free foie gras we have all been waiting for.  A sight and taste to behold.  Superb!

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