Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grunt Fish

I like Grunt Fish - a sweet, slightly bouncy flesh with a subtle "crunch" makes for a good texture, whether sashimi-ed or grilled. So you can have one fish done 2 ways to get the best of this unusual fish.

The sashimi version is served with the skin slightly grilled to give it a subtle smokiness. You can choose to have it with the classic wasabi and soya sauce, or in a paste made from Ume plums - salty, sour and sweet to give it a different kick.

The grilled version in a light sea-salt crust seals in the sweet and juicy flesh. Pick up with a little bit of skin and freshly grated radish, just wonderful.
This season, you can enjoy Grunt at Wahiro.
Trivia: Did you know the fish is named for the piglike grunting sounds it produces with the teeth in its throat, which is amplified by their swim bladders?

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