Monday, June 16, 2008

Singapore - Wahiro (revised)

2 months ago, I had a bad experience at Wahiro (perhaps my worst there) but when I was there again this weekend, they seem to have turned around and caught some of the mistakes at my table during my last visit. The quality seems to have returned - ths shima aji sashimi was perfect in its texture and temperature so that the freshness was discernible. Also worth mentioning was the uni sushi which was a burst of sweet creamniness from the uni coupled with the well vinegared rice. Heaven..

Another simple yet well executed dish was their signature goma (sesame) tofu with a sweet miso mayo baked on the top was sooo good yet not heavy. I could have had several on my own if I had not needed to share it. Oh well, I know to order a second next time.

The rest of the dinner was competent kushiyaki sticks with my favourite mochi wrapped in pork and grilled to a crisp on the outside and hints of the smoky pork coming through.

Ending off with soumen which was light and chilled and then matcha ice cream with smooth red bean paste on the top was perfect for a humid and sticky night.

Good food and spending time with my favourite cousin before he goes off to Melbourne for the next 3 years was a great idea. A pity we don't get to do this more often..

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