Saturday, August 22, 2009

Orgasmic Omakase

The beauty of sitting at a sushi counter - watching the chefs working their knives with precision, chatting heartily and learning as the dinner progresses about our friends of the sea who sacrifice themselves for our gluttony. Of course, it is arguable that it is NOT gluttony if you appreciate these frutti de mare and not eat without appreciation. Last night was a borderline case.

My winners:

I haven't researched the name of this fish in English but the texture of the flesh, sweet with a slight crunch, and only my second time, was worth a more than just a mention. Does anyone know? I was too busy eating to take notes obviously...

Blow-torched (Aburi) Sanma was also good. Usually grilled (but detracting from the perfect fatty and smooth texture of the flseh), torching seals the skin, locking in the fattiness inside so it was melt-in-your-mouth with a smoky finish.

This piece of Maguro is not the best I've had but the combination of a mild lemongrass herb and spring onion, with light soya sauce was an interesting burst of flavours and a delight to savour.

The straight from the shell uni, laced with nothing but untreated seaweed and eaten neat, was also very good. Without the usual soya sauce and wasabi, this was natural taste from the ocean and right onto the palate. Unadulterated bliss.

As we were tucking into what was already a wonderful dinner, the captain arrived at the sushi counter with what was at least an 8-ounce slab of evenly marbled A5 Saga beef, saying that a private room requested sushi made from it. We were lucky to get samplings and boy, what a treat! After you taste this, it will be hard to eat anything lesser again.

Our parting shot was the tiny sweet shrimp served on a cool cucumber and garnished with salmon roe for taste. No other sauce required. Hmm...

All favourites available at Hana Sakazuki down in Causeway Bay.

2/F Ming An Plaza Phase II
8 Sunning Road,
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2577-9799

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