Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hong Kong - Wasakuraya 和櫻屋

Happiness is discovering new things, especially when they are food-related and worth sharing! Operating for about 3 months now, Wasakuraya specialises in Japanese desserts. Their packaging, in Japanese-styled English, sums it up. It is pretty darn excellent quality - especially the custard pudding.

I asked what the peoples' choice was and it was the custard pudding in original flavour, with Kuromitsu (black sugar) sauce. The smooth and creamy texture of the custard, given a layer of complexity with the black sugar, sat very well on the tongue, especially when served adequately chilled, in this summer heat.

The mochi balls with Azuki red beans and steamed chestnut bits were also good, even if not as spectacular as the custard pudding. The use of quality beans and chestnuts was what made the dessert. You could just eat those alone and still say dessert was wonderful.

The service was also Japanese grade - they add a little bag of ice in the box if you're going to be on the street for more than half hour to keep it freshly chilled all the way home.

With this sort of quality, I hope they stay in business a long time and still manage to keep it all up! I'm going to contribute by taking another walk there tomorrow, and try to exhaust all their flavours before the next weekend?

Shop A
1 Fung Fai Terrace
Happy Valley
Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2575 3328

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