Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beijing - Made in China Revisited

I haven't been back to Beijing since I left my last job in October 2008. And so my visit this week was a little bit of a homecoming, having spent much time there previously. Of course, the new construction continues in various pockets, but the familiarity of staying in the same place, eating the same food after such a long time, was a wonderful thing. So wonderful that I had 3 meals at the same place over 2 days - but I still haven't exhausted the menu!

Made in China is famous for its Peking Duck and in my opinion, still ranks right up there. It is the modernised, relatively grease-free version which has not detracted from its traditional roots. I had previously blogged about it - one of my early posts when I started this blog over a year ago. See
Although it wasn't convenient to capture shots of all 3 meals, I would add to my previous list of must tries there.

Appetisers of cold spinach in a sesame sauce (the wasabi-laced sauce is a modern rendition and gives it quite a bit of kick) and duck spring rolls (very crispy on the outside and fragrant on the inside.

And I always like my strange tasting chicken (a loose literal translation) but really chicken julienned and served swimming in a sesame and chilli oil sauce, and with the tingly Ma-La sensation from the Sichuan peppercorns used.

Of course I already tweeted about the magic of stir fried potatoes - looks and sounds boring but when quick-fried in fragrant hot oil with dried chillis and chinese celery, the experience is quite overwhelming.
Get some Kung pao chicken also (as authentic as you can get outside of Sichuan) and the pork and seafood pot-stickers are a sure winner at any table.
Of course, don't forget to order the duck in advance when you place your order - otherwise, you may not get to eat it. And Reservations are a Must, any season, any time.
Grand Hyatt Beijing
1 East Chang An Avenue
People's Republic of China 100738
+86 10 8518 1234 ext: 3822

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