Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Singapore - Wahiro

I hadn't been back to Wahiro at the Katong Mall in a while. Tonight, I felt a sense of loss... while the offerings are still competent as mid-scale Japanese restaurants go in Singapore, the lack of touch by Hozumi Kazuhiro was sorely missed. Kazuhiro san who spends most, if not all his time at his newer Goldhill Plaza outlet, seems to have neglected his first child.

Cardinal sins of unchewable pieces of hamachi and flying fish, sometimes with bones sticking out, speak to the inexperience of the chef in waiting. This local chappy is such a nice guy and understands what to recommend and is an almost adorable baby face over the sushi bar but his lack of years come through, especially when it gets busy, and he has to rush through his routine. The freshness of the fish was never in question, especially since it just flew in earlier today.

The cooked food was still good and the new creation of crab meat and crayfish tempura roll was light yet tasty and filled with the freshness of the crustaceans who died for it. However, it looks like I still have to make the drive to Goldhill Plaza to feel and taste the love of Kazuhiro san... unless he chooses to invest in one as seasoned as he to take over the reins in the East...

... lest more of us begin to question the price of expansion. And for a restaurant, quality assurance is certainly too high a price to pay.

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