Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beijing - Cafe Europa

According to DL, this is the story of a Chinese boy who grew up in Austria, then goes back to his roots and brings Austrian cuisine with him.  And it is pretty good food, I must say.  Not too adulterated on account of the location but rather home-style comfort food in an extremely casual setting.  We were there in the evening, and there isn't much to look out of the full-glass walls of but in the day-time and on a sunny day, I can imagine it can be pretty nice to wile away a long lunch. 

My main of Angler fish grilled in bacon, set on a bed of mash, served with sun-dried tomatoes, was very tasty.  The bouncy-textured fish, flavoured by the smoky bacon and tomatoes, then kindly neutralised by the creamy mash was an exciting burst of flavours and textures.  And just what I needed after a plane ride - not too heavy nor greasy.  

Especially since I can finish comfortably with dessert, a lovely pear tart.  Perfectly baked pears, with a hint of juicy crunch on a hard crust.  Although cold from sitting out - it was surprisingly still cold in Beijing this time of year - it was still very good and a nice finish to a long day.  

Worth a visit if you're ever in the vicinity.

Jianwai Soho West, Building 11, 1st floor #1113
39 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang District, 
Beijing 100022
Tel: +86-10 5869 5663

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